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Many of these schools offer courses in Spanish, and some do not offer courses in any other language.

For more Christian educational institutions in the Caribbean, see the list of schools from the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA).

Find more schools from Christian in these countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

For Bible Schools in Sweden, GL recommends: "If you go to will find the Bible Schools under 'Skoler'." For a more complete list of Christian schools in Australia please see the Colleges page from Pastor NET, and Australia listings from Christian

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See also: Member list for the Asia Theological Association | Christian Schools in India | Yahoo!

India Directory of Christian Seminaries For Bible colleges and seminaries in Singapore see the list from sg, and Singapore listings from Christian

In the last 10 years, interrogators have decreased their use of torture, moving away from physical torture and instead used harsh psychological methods that can leave enduring scars, while continuing to use direct physical torture of varying degrees.For a more complete list of Christian colleges and universities, including those that are not Pentecostal/charismatic, see Christian; Christian Colleges, Universities, & Bible Colleges and Christian Colleges and Universities from Net Ministries. Directory of Christian Colleges and Universities and the free service from Christian Connector matching prospective students with with needs and preferences.Find a school by region: United States Canada Americas Europe Asia/ Africa and Middle East Internet, Correspondence, and Network Schools Campus Fellowships and Ministries Scholarships and Financial Assistance Disclaimer about these links Know of a School that belongs here? For a more complete list of Theological Seminaries in North America, see the list maintained by Fuller Theological Seminary.Christianity Today Online also provides a guide to evangelical seminaries and graduate schools.

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