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Prosecutors and Ahmad's attorney, Chip Sherrod, agreed that mandatory outpatient treatment at Pathways Behavioral Health Services would be beneficial to the former doctor.

As part of the treatment, Ahmad will meet with staff at Pathways once a week for counseling, is court-ordered to take medications, and may not leave the county without a responsible adult with him.

In a courthouse in Albany, the struggle over how to handle Ralph Tortorici's mental illness was left to a small cast of characters -- a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a jury and a judge - all of whom had to grapple with the difficult and troubling questions that arise when the legal and psychiatric worlds collide.

LARRY ROSEN, Presiding Judge: The bizarre nature of the incident itself and the bizarre nature of what Ralph Tortorici was claiming - computer chips implanted in brain and penis - certainly made it clear that mental health issues would be at the forefront in this case.

His lawyer entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

For Tortorici, as for other mentally ill defendants, a successful insanity defense can mean the difference between being sent to a psychiatric facility or locked up in prison.

Lake’s writings revealed his paranoid belief that a global nuclear war was imminent and detailed his plan to rebuild the human race in its aftermath by stockpiling female slaves.

But the only things found stockpiled at the ranch were weapons and bodies—12 of them, in shallow graves around the property.

Sherrod told the judge that having his license back is Ahmad's goal.

He was charged with disrupting an assembly in 2014 after posts on his Facebook account caused USJ to go on lockdown.

The agreement means Ahmad cannot be at the Juvenile Court building without a legal reason to be there.

This video is just over a minute long, and it’s mostly blurry and indistinct.

A much longer and clearer version has been posted in various places around the Internet, and we strongly advise against trying to find it—many who have sought it out wish they had not.

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