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I invite you to sign the guest book at the bottom of the page. Blechman, Patrick Mc Donnell, Roz Chast, Lynn Johnston, Michael Maslin, and Chris Ware for their generosity and encouragement and to Warren Bernard and Jon 'Scan Master' Barli for their abiding friendship and assistance. Much of the collection has been taken from storage and shipped to India, where it resides in a brand new home (literally)! Be sure to stop by if you find yourself in New Delhi -- or Dehradun! See the shelves here: HI, I am trying to get in touch with Jon Barli. he stopped sending cartoons in sometime in the early 70's. What about a signed copy -- or, even better, one with a full-page, colored original drawing? Have you ever seen a photograph of Virgil Partch or Lawrence Lariar? Sure, there are common books pictured here too, but with a little exploring you may well find some interesting odds and ends that you might not be able to easily see elsewhere.

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For more info on buyertools reminder I'd look here for your automatic e Bay bidder.

Kelli W Williams, Janine Daub, Rakesh K Goyal, Jennifer M Puck, V Koneti .....

Hey last night I had the chance to use Buyertools Reminder, a sniping tool for ebay but also much more.

I've included a screenshot to show the interface in action, pretty good especially with the number of items there and with icons to show what you've won, bid, looked at, etc.

The eyeball confused me at first but I like it now.(Had to resize due to layout of blog, click on image for fullsize)Thanks,-Steven Hi ! You may , probably very interested to know how one can reach 2000 per day of income .

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