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This calls back to an early episode where he asked if an exercise machine was a motorcycle. Wangs is a restaurant name I made up, first used in an episode of Drake & Josh.

• There is a reference to the two ex-girlfriends that Spencer accidentally ran over with his car. The restaurant has only been show once, at the end of one Drake & Josh episode.• This was the last scene ever filmed on the Groovy Smoothie set.• I saved the actual cup and straw that Miranda used in this scene. I figure one day, it will end up in the hands of some big i Carly fan.

I knew that Carly would be missing her dad terribly, and that he would make a surprise return home. I had this vision of the front door opening, Carly hearing her dad's voice, turning, breaking into a huge smile, yelling "Dad! I never went to Ridgeway myself, but my nephew Scott did (he was the starting quarterback on the football team).

• Early in the scene, behind Freddie, you'll see one of the background actors wearing a Penny-Tee that says Squash Bosom.

• Just before filming this scene, I experienced one of my most awkward moments ever, as executive producer of i Carly! • Yep, in this scene, we learn the name of another one of Socko's relatives – Ryder.

It was when the costumers brought Mindy ("Miss Briggs") to me, and asked, "Do you think we made Mindy's boobs look pointy enough? And since this is the last i Carly, that will be the final Socko relative we hear of.

Now, this story between the two of them is another favorite. • If you like Carly's cute dress, then you love the work of Kris Dangl, our incredibly talented costumer. • The script for i Goodbye was finished, and then I thought to myself, "I want to see a pair of Spencer's cool socks (made by Socko) • Get your tissues ready for this special scene between Sam and Spencer. So, a few days later, we came back and picked up the ending, once the motorcycle's battery had been re-charged. • The way Carly says "Yay for Sam" is adorably cute and sad.

She's one of my favorite people, and she's been dressing our actors since the end of All That. • As I watch this scene, I want to be very careful about what I say. Even though you are reading this, knowing there are spoilers... This scene starts at the mall, at the Get-A-Head kiosk, as Gibby is being given oxygen by a paramedic.• Two new Penny-Tees: Zesty Roger and Captain Sausage. :(• How great to Freddie and Gibby look in tuxes?!? • Spencer's reaction to seeing his dad is fantastic, too.

Clearly, Spencer is not a very good driver.• Spencer mentions B. I love the Lewbert character, played by the brilliant Jeremy Rowley.If you've noticed, the main stars of i Carly haven't been wearing the Penny-Tees in recent episodes. You'll have to ask them.• The idea for Freddie's new giant phone came straight from the i Carly writers room.All the writers have i Phones except one who insists on using some giant phone we all make fun of.• You'll notice, in i Goodbye, a lot of "nods" (references) to past episodes of i Carly. I don't know know much much about motorcycles, but Jerry Trainor does, so he helped me pick what kind we should use.In this first scene, Carly and Sam mention Miss Briggs's "pointy boobs" – which they talked about in the first episode. This scene begins in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Spencer getting a tool to work on a motorcycle – and then Sam and Freddie enter the apartment, together. And as a special bonus, a Triumph is the kind of motorcycle that Fonzie rode, on the classic TV show Happy Days.

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