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We're finding the strength and we're moving to a good place." "It actually made it easier. So right now, we're growing, we're moving into such a great place, but we need a lot of work.

It was in a way therapeutic, and I hate using that word, but it was. There's only a couple of people in the world that can really relate to that feeling, that the reality cameras are therapeutic, but they were. We have a lot of work to do, individually and together.

I'll be the best person and mother, everything I can be.

I can own up to my mistakes, I can say sorry for them, but the one thing I will not do is sacrifice time out of my kids' lives and my own life and the life that they deserve and I deserve to dedicate it to something where I have no idea what's happening, dedicate it to someone who has their own issues. I don't know what I've done, and I'm done trying to figure it out. His dad has lung cancer though, so right now that's his thing he's dealing with.

Our relationship is so strong and I have my dad again! It's the first time in my life I can say I have a dad now and I'm talking to him. I think what I dealt with with Hank in a strange way matured me very fast and it made me fearless.

It's why I did the jungle, and it's why I reunited with my dad. This is my time." "The relationship with my mum is over.

I'm turning 30 this year and I'm trying to find the new Kendra to help inspire myself." "First of all, no-one has enough money in this production to ever create some sort of drama like this. He agreed to it because he knew what I was going through was the hardest thing anyone could ever go through, and all he wanted to do was reunite with me and he didn't care, cameras or no cameras. My reality show's so real that I have normal people that don't want to be on camera that are on camera."Ever since the reunion between us in Costa Rica, we have been inseparable.

Think about how much money that would cost a reality show, to script all this out. He came up to Christmas, we've been spending weeks together. He's just had some surgery on his back and we're keeping in touch. It's crazy." "It was the right time to do it, because I was mature enough. I would have blamed him, I would have made it more of an immature type of situation.

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The former "Girls Next Door" star recently said she'd be at a loss if they actually divorced.In July, weeks after the birth to their second child, daughter Alijah Mary, Wilkinson and Baskett were told that a model, Ava Sabrina London, was claiming she had an affair with Baskett during Wilkinson’s pregnancy.Neither Baskett nor Wilkinson commented on the rumors, but their silence seemed to confirm the story.So Jessica was the only one that had faith, really, to be honest with you. He went through an identity crisis and went through a little depression but he's really working on himself now and he has an amazing job and he is the best dad. He is the coach of the baseball team, he is the coach of the soccer team, he does the cross guard from school. Now she's pregnant and she deserves every bit of happiness.

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