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Rather, educators take into account the emotional, social, and physical well-being of the student in addition to the information they must master. The 12th century Syrian physician al-Shayzari wrote extensively about the treatment of students.

He noted that they should not be treated harshly, nor made to do busy work that doesn’t benefit them at all.

Throughout Islamic history, educating women has been a high priority.

Women were not seen as incapable of attaining knowledge nor of being able to teach others themselves.

Some of the greatest scholars of Islam learned in such a way, and taught their students this way as well.Women throughout the Muslim world were able to attend lectures in mosques, attend Unlike Europe during the Middle Ages (and even up until the 1800s and 1900s), women played a major role in Islamic education in the past 1400 years.Rather than being seen as second-class citizens, women played an active role in public life, particularly in the field of education.Dating back to at least the 900s, young students were educated in a primary school called a were attached to a mosque, where the resident scholars and imams would hold classes for children.These classes would cover topics such as basic Arabic reading and writing, arithmetic, and Islamic laws.

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