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Police officers are not the problem, society having people like you speak their minds without thinking resulting in a town like Cold Spring. if u want to get technical minnesota isn't even on the top ten list of the most obese/fat states..would have to go to the top 30 ten list before where even on it..even then where #30..out 0f 50 states thats not that bad. I have traveled the world in the service and seen many body types related to traditional foods and genetics.

Your complaints, especially with vulgar languages should go on craigslist.

Same with actress Hilary Duff, who starred in several movies and TV shows before marrying Mike Comrie of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Singer, actress, television personality, and Willa Ford has seen a great deal of success outside of being simply a trophy wife to NHL great Mike Modano.

The hottest hockey wives and girlfriends are currently or formerly married to, currently or formerly dating, or currently or formerly having an affair with the fine men of the National Hockey League.

The hottest men of hockey are not only famous professional athletes but also fortunate enough to have relationships with beautiful women in the public eye, from actresses to musicians to models to athletes.

Anyone who agrees with this needs to pay me a visit. Not only is this completely absurd, but it makes no sense. What I want to know is, what kind of man hooks up with these tubs of two-legged fat and a face that looks like a pig? You must be one of those fat and ugly women who are just stupid enough to think men see "beyond" that. You speak with such authority, I ahve to believe your data is based on personal experience. The women here are only cute until they reach 16 and then in the next three years they undergo a complete metamorphosis into these ghastly blobs of animated gelatinous blubber and suet.

These leather-faced tubbys bring shame to womenhood. Minnesota women are just as beautiful and in shape as anywhere else in the country. Again, the men are proportionately less attractive here as well. I am not ugly, but not willing to give up my time helping others and spending time with my kids to go under the knife and botox to look 20 again either. Interestingly, if I have now met your wife's criteria for someone to relate to, I will tell you that I would not want to spend a moment with her. Yanni: It is interesting to find a man who has lived for 7 generations or more and can still type, access the internet, spell, breathe, etc. I have spoken to women who say that cutting their hair makes them seem more professional.

These babes might not get as much love as the hottest football wives or the hottest basketball wives, but clearly they deserve that level attention and so much more.

I mean, look at all the down syndrome kids we have here. I love when I see a venue like this thats honest and open. I have homes in a few different states and have lived on the East Coast, Pacific North West, West Coast and other places. I married a woman who was born in Minnesota yet living in Wisconsin at the time and I must say, she was hot. However, she was so darn liberal and so anti-business that it became impossible to live with. They tend to think that once they have children it's all over and they chop their hair and join some womens group. She is frustrated because she can't find peers that she can relate to.

I have traveled the world and am heading to New Zealand for a week, then Australia, Singapore, Japan, Washington State, Idaho and back to Minnnesota.

The women can't deny this because they need simply to look at the over 18 crowd to see the XL women in their size M clothing and the cropped hair and librarian look of their peers.

However, they make very cute kids and very ugly adults.

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