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For example, a positive drug test for oxymorphone, a metabolite of oxycodone, can be misinterpreted as possible misuse of a “nonprescribed” medication.

On the other hand, negative urine drug test results are clinically meaningful, especially when the possibility exists that the patient may be misusing, abusing, or diverting their medications.

Other factors for a negative result include the integrity of the specimen submitted, analytical testing factors within the laboratory including false negatives, and steps within sample processing.

Although this is rare, it cannot be ruled out, nor can it be predicted.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of immunoassay testing kits have made design improvements over the years and the incidence of such a phenomenon has been greatly reduced.

For the purpose of this article, the authors will focus on the implications of negative test results.

Drug abuse permeates all sections of society: male and female, rich and poor, young and old.

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