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if an earlier order is present, the later orders would not inherit) in orders : • Father (whole in the absence of anybody in class I) • Son’s daughter’s son; son’s daughter’s daughter, Brother, Sister ( all in equal proportion) • Daughter’s son’s son, daughter’s son’s daughter, daughter’s daughter’s son, daughter’s daughter’s daughter (equally) • Brother’s son, brother’s daughter, sister’s son and sister’s daughter • Father’s father, Father’s mother (equally) • Father’s widow, brother’s widow • Father’s brother, Father’s sister • Mother’s father, mother’s mother • Mother’s brother, mother’s sister If the deceased is a female Hindu dying intestate: A: Sons (1 share each), Daughters (1 share each), husband (1 share), son and daughter of predeceased son (equally together 1 share), son and daughter of predeceased daughter (equally together I share).

With no lineal descendant: Widow /widower – 1/3 Father – balance entire If Father is dead, to mother, to mother, sisters and brothers- equally If father is dead, to mother, living sisters and brothers, and children of a predeceased sister or brother- equally so that one share to be taken for the predeceased sister or brother to pass through the lineal descendant to such predeceased.After my grandmother's demise he wanted to make property in his name which is not happening as the landlord is saying there are may complications and demanding money . Need to know what to do as my father is also not keeping to well .Dear Sir, My Grand Father was died long ago without writing any will and my Grand Mother was also died.the entire property may be subject to testamentary succession or intestate succession if there is no will.Orders of intestate succession: The following is an outline of the orders of succession and the shares of inheritance for heirs in different groups in India: If the deceased is a Hindu male (including Buddhists, Sikh, Jain, and all those who are not Christian, Muslim or Parsi): Class I heirs of a male Hindu who shall simultaneously inherit are: • Mother being alive (1 share) • Widow (1 share) • Living sons (1 share each) • Living daughters (1 share each) • Predeceased son having the following relations (1 share) • widow • sons • daughters – each to be equally divided.

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