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Unsustainable, increased rents by greedy letting agents and landlords also has the same effect.Low wages and lack of support force costs onto other spending areas. The Government failed to do an impact assessment on the knock-on effects of reform, but I expect nothing from this current mob. I am Seeking From Europe I would like to meet with ladies whose age between 23-50. I am open I am a religious man, I have great zeal for proclamation of the gospel, I love music, especially christian music and songs. I am looking for women who want to share the sexual happiness with me.Some dating sites use highly specific membership criteria to stay ahead of the competition by increasing compatibility rates.For example, requires “a declaration of vegetarian strictness” before setting up a personal advertisement on their site.

This only serves to highlight precisely how out of touch with the reality experienced daily by the humble electorate he truly is.

Which brings me to Jeremy Hunt and Chris Grayling, but they will have to wait for another letter.

Julian Self I am neither a union member nor “of the left” but even I can see that breaking the 1 per cent pay cap is a “no brainer”. Cross fund it from the overseas aid budget, raise income tax or do whatever it takes.

This nation’s population – and particularly our public servants – have suffered under government-imposed austerity for many years now and yet he proposes to spring open the nation’s coffers in order to bail out those whose lack of contribution has been in no small part responsible for this sad state of affairs.

I realise that Theresa May felt that she had no choice but to give Boris a ministerial position so as to prevent him being a threat to her “leadership” but surely it is now high time that she put that consideration to one side and concentrated on making appointments that are in the best interests of the people her government was elected to represent.

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    30.0% of all households were made up of individuals and 12.7% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older.