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It then caused a scandal in 2002 when it was widely reported that the body of baseball great Ted Williams had gone into deep freeze against the wishes of some in his family.In recent years, cryonics has regained an entirely undue aura of respectability as the thought leaders of Silicon Valley have trained their enterprising, disruptive vision on the conquest of disease and death.If your information is stolen by an identity thief, many times, it is sold on the dark web.After a breach, identity thieves often use dark web sites to buy and sell consumer data, such as social security numbers, bank and credit card account numbers, and other personally identifying information.Experian’s Dark Web Internet Surveillance monitors the depths of the web to identify activity associated with your identity.

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After surgery and other treatments failed to stop the growth of her brain tumor, Suozzi determined that upon death she—or rather, her head—would be frozen and stored for decades, centuries, or millennia in the hope that one day, diligent, wonder-working doctors would transplant her consciousness into a new, healthy body, or perhaps onto a high-capacity hard drive.Kim Suozzi died at age twenty-three in January 2013.After her first diagnosis, twenty-one months earlier, Suozzi chose to become one of the youngest people ever to undergo an expensive form of ritualistic corpse mutilation called cryonic preservation.Because identity thieves could attempt to steal the information of individuals such as children or disabled adults who have clean credit history in order to assume their identities and perpetrate fraud, the new law offers a "protected consumer security freeze," similar to the credit freeze for adults.Parents can use it to protect their children from identity theft even if the children don’t have credit yet.

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