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(The Bible states "the glory of young men is their strength") Play wrestling teaches boys self control - physically, emotionally, mentally and possibly even sexually (they won't initially be overwhelmed when a girl touches them since they are used to being touched by others).

There are many boys who are never touched by anyone.

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As a youth leader I deliberately make sure I greet each young friend whenever our paths cross.When this question goes unanswered, it can stay deep within the boy and become sexualized and manifest as gay fantasies - looking for that male bonding that never happened as a boy.The mental development never moves on properly from that 'stalling' point.I go up to them (focused attention), shake their hand with our unique two stage hand shake (physical attention) and don't let go of their hand until they look me in the eye (eye contact).They all quickly learn the routine and mostly come up to me now wanting to shake my hand and at the same time looking for the eye contact.

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