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You can watch the Trailer Park Boys Podcast (and more) on Swear Net...She’s a rainy day in Sunnyvale and the Boys are trying to deal with the effects of Ricky’s breakfast, comprised of magic mushroom omelettes with weed-butter pancakes.They talk about ways to protect Sunnyvale from a huge storm, and Ricky wants to punch anyone named Harvey or Irma.You can watch the Trailer Park Boys Podcast (and more)..They deal with rooftop seagulls, sing about cockbergs, and Ricky gets a package from Crayola Canada! Nova Scotian hip hop artist Quake Matthews is in the trailer!The Boys feed him a donair and chat about Jon Lovitz’s bunnies, Jean-Luc Picard’s borntday, and Julian’s yellow sweater.Danny Weis has played next to Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, maybe Janis Joplin (he’s not sure, there were a lot of drugs going around in the 60’s), and many more DECENT musicians.

Learn some fun facts (such as - Halloween is held on the same day every year) and watch the Boys carve pumpkins and pound Ricky’s Catch 23...

Moon Bear put his money where his ears are and shipped the Boys some ‘soft snacks’ that they can chew quietly on the podcash.

There’s just one problem - the snacks needed to be refrigerated, and they didn’t do so well on the long journey...

Ricky and Julian consider going back to jail for the winter, and Bubbles asks an ethically complicated question that involves banging a horse to save billions of lives.

PLUS: The Boys share some drunk and stoned stories from their recent US tour! As the Boys attempt to take this podcash to the next level, Ricky forgets that it is 2017, Bubbles does some GREASY e Bay searches, and Julian contemplates burying his buddies alive.

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