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They will be very focused when they seek a goal either in love or in careers, which can make them seem stubborn and unfeeling at times.

When studying compatibility pairings Chinese astrology can be a fascinating subject.

An instinctive writer, he is drawn to words and knowledge, and would do well if he learned not to get side-tracked quite so easily.

Wood Rat: The wood rat has a delightful sense of humor, and her amicable and outgoing personality leave her rarely without friends.

Always jolly and charming on the outside, he is quite different on the inside, easily troubled by his own worries, sometimes becoming jealous and possessive.

For example, they may become an energetic and personable politician.

Fire Rat: Energetic, chivalrous and idealistic, this Rat is often involved in noble causes and activities he wholeheartedly believes in.

Aggressive, independent and an original thinker, he follows the dictate of his heart, getting carried away in the fervor of the moment without considering the full implications of the outcome.

Because of this, fortunes may change easily and radically for this dynamic Rat, yet his resilient and competitive nature will see him through anything.

Earth Rat: Unlike the other adventurous Rats, this one likes his feet firmly planted in the earth, preferring to stay in the same home, with the same job for most of his life. Incompatible Rat with Horse Highly incompatible, Serious clashes and strong conflicts. Rat with Rooster The two is better stay away with each other.

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