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Sure, there had been some cuddling but when it was time to sleep, they may as well have been in separate beds.

Logan, on the other hand, frequently reached for her in his sleep.

What had begun in the shower had moved out of the bathroom and ended up all over their enormous bed where she awoke nine hours later from a deep and refreshing sleep that could more accurately be described as a sex induced coma. Raising heavy eyelids, she saw that her natural post orgasm lethargy was compounded by the fact that she was laying right where she'd fallen asleep.

Fallen asleep, passed out, whatever; she'd done it half under Logan's sprawled body and that's where she woke up. The only other man she had ever spent the night with had been Duncan and the few times she had done so they had retreated to their opposite corners after the main event.

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Lying in Duncan's arms afterward, she had actually thought to herself that Duncan.

Having mentally cast sex as over rated, Veronica was in no hurry to push the physical side of things.

That summer had been filled with distractions; settling Aaron's estate, getting Logan into school, closing the cases of the bus crash, the plane explosion and the sad, sordid story of Cassidy Casablancas.

He had never been an initiator so she figured it was up to her to forge a way down this new path they had taken together. She was determined to knock their love life up a notch, even if she had to drag Duncan along, kicking and screaming.

In fact, kicking and screaming sounded Rousing Duncan to passion had turned out to be a more difficult project than she expected.

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