Examples online dating scams

Scams, in general, are the new malware delivery method. Falsifying a link is the hallmark of phishing scams, seeded downloader Trojans, and other web-based malware.

And it's all trivially easy to do, using basic HTML.

To avoid becoming a victim, before installing any software over the Internet, search on the name of the product using your favorite search engine.

Don't skip this step and you'll go along way towards a safer online experience.

Instead of women deciding between flats or pumps, many are now choosing between passwords being hacked along with Linkedin passwords, people have to question: Are users really safe using dating sites when it comes to avoiding personal and financial harm?

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Phishing emails try to trick the intended victim into visiting a fraudulent website disguised to look like a valid e Commerce or banking site.sentiment), Americans were robbed of million in online dating scams in 2011.Simplified, each online dater that was scammed lost an average of ,900 last year.Nigerian 419 scams (aka Advanced Fee Fraud) date back to the days when fax machines and snail mail were the primary business communication tools.Today, email is the preferred method of these scammers and there are more Nigerian 419 Advanced Fee Fraud scams - and victims - than ever before.

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