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These assumptions concerned an enigmatic transaction whose original strangeness now eludes us: the sale of human labor as a commodity.In the long and difficult crossing from the feudal and corporate organization of work to a liberal commercial order in Europe, labor became more than an expression of human diligence or a means of generating prosperity. It was objectified as a disposable material with a metric value.Mar Olafsson, Reykjavik, Iceland Danho Chabe, Leksand, Sweden Susanne Dahlbäck, Stockholm, Sweden Stefan Dahlbäck, Stockholm, Sweden Christian Telkkonen, Göteborg, Sweden Stina Lindmark, Härnösand, Sweden Rabiisaliem Dawod, Eskilstuna, Sweden Anne Zucker, Stockholm, Sweden Razvan Cornescu, Stockholm, Sweden Sanna Rokka, Stockholm, Sweden Minna Katainen, Helsinki, Finland Maria-Kaisa Jurva, Uppsala, Sweden Fredrik Rosenblom, Stockholm, Sweden Ulrika Rönnström, Stockholm, Sweden Ann Jansson, Stockholm, Sweden Mikael Lundgren, Stockholm, Sweden Malin Johansson, Örebro, Sweden Mikael Ingvarsson, Göteborg, Sweden Lisa Heselius, Örebro, Sweden Melihat Dogan, Stockholm, Sweden David H, London, UK???Berkeley: University of California Press, c1995 1995.I feel exceptionally fortunate to have received, both as student and as professor, the aid necessary for my full plan of research.My first investigations in Yorkshire and western Germany were sustained by the Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Program and by the German Academic Exchange Service.The staff of the Stadtbibliothek Mönchengladbach was gracious in organizing the borrowing of materials from so many cities.

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The advice offered by Jane-Ellen Long, an erudite text editor for the University of California Press, helped improve the very substance of the book.

For indispensable support during a long period of writing I am grateful to the Mabelle Mc Leod Lewis Memorial Fund and, at the University of California, Berkeley, to the John L.

Simpson Research Apprenticeship Program and to the Allan Sharlin Memorial Fund.

I am obliged to Hans Schmiedhofer for guidance in the lower Rhineland and for preparing delivery of rare books.

The historians Karl Ditt, Alan Fowler, Colum Giles, Dermot Healey, Patrick Joyce, Reinhard Schüren, Fritz Soll, Joseph L.

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