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In the 17th century, Irish men of Tipperary were both Gael (Galicians) and Norman, Irish Papists- loyal to the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. They said that he wasn’t a Mason, but he was part of some secret Satanic Masonic society.Nevertheless, Crosby was a pagan– right at home in California at the Bohemian Grove with the Druids, God Moloch of the bible, and human sacrifice.[36] VI KARDASHIANS & THE ANCIENT ARMENIAN PAULICIANS I said all of this to lead to this.He is accompanied by the half-goat, half-human god Pan, patron of shepherds and flocks, whom the Romans identified with Faunus, a native Italian god of the wild forests.

It was the image of Pan that gave birth to the physical visage of what we call SATAN or the DEVIL.

The name is derived from the Jewish words “av“, which means ‘father‘, and is all about Psychic ability to sense something or someone without the normal human behavior or thus normal input.[19] While Kabbalah is all about discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of .

Kabbalah has been around with its deep and ancient roots.

In the seventeenth-century, representations of character and were not regarded as obscene because of their reference to Greek mythology.

Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry — acquired a sinister reputation in Rome in the second century B. Introduced by a mysterious Greek immigrant, the cult of Bacchus has there been so much wickedness in this commonwealth, never wickedness affecting so many people, nor manifesting itself in so many ways….

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