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Their obvious affection for each other was clear from the start.It always makes the photography so much easier when a couple is affectionate and in love with each other. So cool that even when I got locked into an NYC parking garage by a series of misadventures, and was late for our consultation by an hour, they patiently waited for me … Freddy and Leah, congrats and best wishes for your future together.Here is one of my favorite articles on him on editing. Nick Turpin is one of the anchors in the street photography community and has been working extremely hard in pushing street photography as a serious art in the community.I currently serve Marin, Sonoma, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York City.Whether you're interested in a session or simply want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you!He hails from Vienna and looks like he is out and about doing street photography workshops with Chris Weeks all around the world right now. If you want a series of wonderfully curated fine art and street photography from Asia, Invisible Photographer Asia is the place.

When I started street photography, I first came across the street photography collective in-public. Walker’s blog on street photography — Shooter Files totally by chance.With only one event at a time, you have the run of the place.I really enjoyed meeting and working with Leah and Freddy on their wedding day.Live vicariously through him and check out his blog! Josh White is a street photographer that I stumbled upon a couple months back and even had an interview with him on my blog.

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