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From these primtive beginnings, by the 1990’s the Xpress Myself technology became fast and efficient. As a client-based system, we have access to the ever-expanding set of tools built into your browser. Note that the “soft costs” for order entry, purchasing and tracking are significant .Our award-winning technology is a generation of others marketplace. These costs can represent over 20% of the cost for a custom job.Serial ports are relatively easy devices to program and lots of people wrote software that uses the serial port.As a result, there was a great variety of programs that used different rules for sending data.More intuitive and simpler, we ask what their stamp application is: Bank Deposit Stamp, Name & Address Stamp, Signature Stamp, etc. By showing the important features for each product, you can make an informed decision. In many others, we actually let you choose from a variety of best-of-class manufacturers. Our inside sales staff is truly expert, with deep experience in the relevant customized product.

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This is usually in lieu of transferring the information over a computer network.We are not burdened with the costs of expensive mail order catalogs.Have you ever been the victim of "Catalog Carpet Bombing"?Some customers in our markets may even receive 24 catalogs in the mail each year.It is easy to imagine that we have significant pricing and costs advantages – which are passed onto you.

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