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The moment you leave your house to the moment you find your seat on the plane can feel like an eternity, but it doesn’t have to be.The Waze app can get you to the airport with the least amount of hassle, giving you the absolute fastest route and detours around traffic jams and accidents.The Grab app lets you order your meal in advance, and pick it up as you’re walking by on the way to your gate. You only have so much down-time at an airport, don’t waste it trying to figure out Wi-Fi passwords.This handy site gives you the passwords for 266 different international airports and airport lounges. The network name is “Frankfurt Airport, Hotspot Telekom” and the password is “Internet.” At the Zurich Airport?If they know when you want to fly, they can raise their rates accordingly. You have two options if you want to bring your own bottled water through airport security and not pay the ridiculous airport prices. Yes, the TSA let’s you keep your liquids “as long as they are frozen solid when presented for screening.” If that sounds complicated (and it is), just bring your own reusable water bottle and dump it before entering the security line.You’ll have to settle for refilling with a water fountain on the other side, but you may just discover that free water doesn’t taste so bad after all. Tagging your bags as “fragile” even if they’re anything but will save you a lot of time.Even single riders want to avoid the middle if they can help it, and if your row is their only option, they’ll happily trade so you can sit together.On a related note, here’s The Best Seat on Any Airplane.

You’re not buying a new dopp kit for every trip, are you?Always roll and layer, never fold and stack, and you’ll double your wardrobe for your next cross-country outing. And for more great travel hacks, here are the 17 Rules of Stress-Free Business Travel.Here’s something experienced globetrotters know: if you can scan your most important documents and email them to your phone, they’ll be much easier to replace than if you hadn’t. Only suckers travel with full-size bottles of shampoo and shaving cream.Here’s a better way: Just refill your tiny bottles and use them again and again.Speaking of travel hacks, here’s The Best Way to Get Your Hotel Room Comped.

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