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Listen, disagreeing with John Cusack characters isn't something I find myself doing that often, but as I grow up, I'm starting to realize that the above point may not be all that accurate. Finding a woman who digs the same pop culture as you is exciting, but if you're searching for something serious, you start to realize it's more important to share values.

Sure, when you're in high school, shared interests seem pretty damn important. ”And as an adult, it's still fun to connect with girls over our shared love of “The Wire” and all those other shows we're socially pressured into binging. When you're at the point in your life where you're making major decisions on a weekly basis, it helps to be with someone who would make the same types of decisions as you.(Though I did once go on a date with a girl who told me she thought the “Star Wars” prequels were as good as the orig-trig, basically ensuring there wouldn't be a second date.

Most of those movies end right when that goal has been achieved.

In her defense, though, she has to meet your parents, too, and that's not always an easy feat for her either: And for guys, the same goes for meeting a girlfriend's close friends.So most teen guys will claim to be above superficiality. When that happens, you'll be less likely to stick with someone who is wrong for you just because she's attractive and less likely to skip over someone who's right for you just because she isn't a model.“Be yourself.” Any guy who has ever had a mom has been hearing this advice since before they could be legally considered a person.And it's been repeated in every kids' show, kids' book and kids' app (Those are probably things now, right?As a result, we turn to magazines, the Internet and sometimes even the dreaded pick-up artist community in hopes of gaining the "skills" needed to make women want us.Sometimes, we might even find out that a lot of the advice we read actually works.

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