Dating old wedding photographs

If you want to pick out your own bridal garter for your own wedding, that is perfectly acceptable too.When To Order Your Garter You can order your wedding garter as early as you want, or if you find one that you love, you can pick it up at a bridal salon closer to your wedding day.They also planned a larger post-wedding reception and party for all of their friends and family back in Birmingham to celebrate their marriage on 11-11-11.They enlisted the help of family friend and renowned Birmingham wedding photographer Arden Ward and wedding designer Christopher Confero to pull off the details of both events.

As guests would help the couple de-robe, it was said to be good luck to get a piece of the bride’s wedding dress, which is where the garter toss tradition originated from. Many of the who-pays-for-what guidelines are falling out of favor as more and more engaged couples are opting to do their wedding their way.

He selected the perfect spot to pop the question and managed to get Jessica there without suspicion. but when he realized his parents and Jessica’s parents were scheduled to attend a basketball game together later that night, he decided he needed to go ahead and propose before his parents could spill the beans.

They ordered a drink as Ryan waited for the perfect moment. Jessica was completely unaware that Ryan was about to propose and she spoiled the moment by telling Ryan she needed to find a restroom. On their way to dinner, Ryan found a secluded spot under the stars and asked Jessica to be his wife.

I generally recommend that you wear your wedding garter just above your knee.

This is usually the narrowest part of your leg and your garter won’t rub your other leg when you walk or dance. If you, or your partner, would rather not toss your bridal garter at your reception, that is OK.

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