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The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By Baronde Sade] [Brother and sister discover new feelings for each other.] "Mom and dad?Holding the binoculars in one hand, he had his other hand wrapped around his big, hard prick.

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She couldn't believe what had just happened back down in the Clemons's room. "Exceptional," Eloise smiled back, dropping the last crumb of toast onto her tongue. much, [INCEST/Taboo Story] [By Baronde Sade] Chapter Three -- A Visit from the Earl James, the Earl of Sade, sat across from King Atheling in front of the roaring fire as they discussed the state of affairs of the land.

[OLDER WOMAN/Younger Man Story] [By Baronde Sade] [She receives a visit from an old time acquaintance.] Felicia stood at the window looking out into the thick fog that covered the winter painting outside her window.

Its misty tentacles flowed over, around and through everything, clutching them i[INCEST/Taboo Story] [By Baronde Sade] [Brother and sister discover new feelings for each other.] This story is a work of fiction.

In some societies, such as those of Ancient Egypt, the European royal families, and others, brothersister, fatherdaughter, and motherson, cousin-cousin, uncle-niece, and other similar relations were practiced among royalty as a means of perpetuating the royal lineage.

However, parent-child and sibling-sibling unions are almost universally forbidden and should be reserved for fantasy thoughts.

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