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When choosing a fabric opt for a good quality material that is capable of withstanding the chair’s regular level and type of use.

A decorative silk damask might be suited to a Georgian occasional chair, whereas a well-loved armchair would be best served by a more robust natural fibre such as wool or linen.

NAMES TO LOOK OUT FORMany upholstered period chairs that are not stamped are still of very good quality and comfort and are interesting in their own right.

French chairs often had wooden casters so that they would not scratch wooden floors.

Accenting with piping or coordinated scatters in feature colours can be a great way to integrate a traditional style of chair into a modern home.

Reupholstery is so much more than just papering over the cracks.

A traditional, handmade chair with a solid wood frame may remain structurally sound far beyond its modern counterpart.Chairs made by leading manufacturers in the 19th century were occasionally marked with their names.If you find the manufacturer's stamp (it is often under the seat rail or inside the back leg), it can dramatically increase the value of the chair.Natural fibres are inherently fire retardant but fabrics with a high synthetic content will require either specialist chemical treatment or the addition of a fire resistant interliner.Fire retardancy treatment can affect the look and feel of certain fabrics, such as velvets, so make sure to ask your upholsterer’s advice before choosing your material.

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