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As his parents spent most of their time at work, Gagarin owed much of his upbringing to his elder sister.World War II cast a gloom over the school years of young Yury.While attending the trade school, he was also enrolled in an evening school, from which he graduated in 1951.

Gagarin was very proud of it and later remarked, “the first appraisal in the media means a lot to a person.” In October 1955 he was drafted and sent to the famous Orenburg Aviation School, since he already had a pilot's license.People love to visit cold climates for a variety of reasons. Hot weather may not suit everyone and rains demoralizes others.Cold weather may give them more incentive to be active.His teachers described him as intelligent and hard-working, if occasionally mischievous.His mathematics teacher served in the Air Force during the war, which may have influenced Gagarin’s love of the sky and aviation.

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