Dating and marriage customs in romania

Coins are also placed in their hands — tender to pay for the boats that will carry them to the next world.

Animals are driven away to prevent the souls of the dead from either becoming ghosts or entering into the bodies of the animals.

Additionally, the nearness of Death grows if the ill person keeps his or her eyes fixed upon his or her nails or upon a wall.

Romanians also view owls as “death birds”, and their calls hold the title of being the most powerful omen for death.

Young, unmarried people are dressed in wedding clothes for their funerals.

Due to a belief that those who die become angels, babies’ shirts are cut in order to help them fly.

Strands of hair are collected so they can be secretly placed on the door, since Luck’s origin is never certain.

A series of many rituals — some even dating back to Roman times — occur during the process of death in order to alleviate some of the superstitions surrounding death.This entry was posted in Cultural Perspectives and tagged Candles for the Dying and Dead, Coliva, Cultural Perspectives, Kolachei, Orthodox Christian Customs, Pomul, Romanian Culture, Romanian Customs, Romanian Death Customs and Superstitions, Significance of candles at Death. One of the most important moments in one’s life is the wedding and in Romania, just like in most countries out there, this is a huge event that requires a lot of planning and usually brings a lot of confusion for guests, especially those who are not regulars at these events.Clothing varies depending on how old people are when they die.Elderly people usually pick out their burial outfits ahead of time.

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