Dating agency in rousse

But, in spite of that, the more I thought about the recent proposal, the more confused I became.

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So, the days of shooting there appeared to be numbered.

The auction is a “move to celebrate the art of pure code and designate algorithms as an exciting new category for collectors,” Artsy writes in a press statement.

Though algorithmically generated art has gained prominence, with many artists using code as a medium, the idea of collecting a line of code itself, not as art, but as an artifact, is still very new.

Seven lots have been donated for the auction, including OKCupid’s Compatibility Calculation, the algorithm the dating site uses to match its users, and the original code for “Hello, World,” a common exercise programmers use to test coding languages, written in 1974 at Bell Laboratories by Brian Kernighan.

The program is so universal and so embedded in coding culture that it’s comparable to playing a basic scale on an instrument.

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