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We can look at gender as a stylization of the body that reflects someone's identity.

[4] In contrast, Saudi Arabia and the golf region, highly encourage discrimination against transgenders and LGBT.

This may be due in part to the idea that Americans view transgenderism as an expression of perverse sexuality, but, regardless, it is imperative that we acknowledge the rights and legitimacy of the transgender community.

Queer is a word that the LGBQT community has reclaimed to be an umbrella term which refers to anyone who identifies outside of the heteronormative society.

The current general ideology present is that an individual must either fit the box of male or female, and not doing so can result in irrational behavior from others, and can lead to aggression in some cases.

There is a certain stigma about confusion regarding sexual and gender Identities, even to the point where medical professionals have intentionally used surgery to assign someone who was born intersex, meaning they were born with a biological sex that was a mixture between what is perceived as male and female and their body was modified to fit into the biological binary.

[6] In other parts of the world, some cultures regard various sexual orientations very highly.

Additionally, these activists are primarily white and middle-class, which contributes to the erasure of racial minority transgenders.

While the meaning of "transgender" is still in formation, it is still very clear that American culture still resists accepting people who identify as neither male nor female, instead they prefer to just be a person.

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