Consolidating call centres

"In addition to the strategy of the customer service organization, brands should think about the strategy and goals of the wider business," said Kresch."Information that resides outside the traditional purview of the service organization is part of the myriad of information and resources that needs to be leveraged during a single service interaction, and a complete view of the customer should include interactions both inside and outside of the service organization." Conversely, information gathered during the course of a service interaction is useful to other lines of business.Drew Robb is a freelance writer specializing in technology and engineering.Currently living in Florida, he is originally from Scotland, where he received a degree in geology and geography from the University of Strathclyde.He is the author of Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment (CRC Press).Our call/contact center consolidation service offering focuses on consolidating and/or centralizing multiple sites, queues or offices either physically or virtually.Matt Kresch, director of product marketing at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, stressed timeliness as a key best practice for any call center.This has become particularly acute in the current age because of a combination of trends.

At the same time, customer expectations continue to rise in terms of the channels and devices through which they expect to engage and receive resolution for product and service related issues.

"Data needs to be delivered in a way that makes it easier to identify the skill sets of agents, as well as any skill gaps that need to be filled by additional training." Done right, this best practice eliminates a whole lot of paperwork – not to mention hours of manual labor.

For example, instead of a spreadsheet listing everyone’s days off, vacations, work schedules and break times, performance management software makes it easy for managers to visualize the work day and work week, avoid conflicts and ensure schedules match with anticipated periods of heavy demand.

This complexity results from a collection of factors: high turnover, employee stress, nasty customers, constant activity in a small space and overworked managers are just a few of the daily trials and tribulations that haunt the call center.

Let’s review some of the best practices and associated applications and technologies that help make contact centers run more smoothly and more productively.

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