Conditional formatting not updating

I updated the graphics card driver without any luck.What do I need to get the CF cells to refresh automatically?To follow this article, you can work with any simple data set or download the example or workbook.Ordinarily, conditional formats adjust as you enter and update values.

A simple conditional rule, =$A2="Bill", updates records for the project's leader, Bill.

While formulas are powerful and flexible, they take more time to implement and typically require a deeper knowledge of the product to set them up.

For example, it can be challenging to set up conditional formatting rules like "highlight the top 20% of this range." When doing research, the team found that there were a set of very common things that users wanted to do with conditional formatting, many of which required writing formulas, although not all were obvious.

If you change the name, the rule removes the highlight. When you reassign the record, you want the highlight to disappear, as shown in Figure A.

The record no longer belongs to Bill, the project leader. On the other hand, if John is the new project leader, you must update the underlying rule because you want the highlight to remain.

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