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Most people do this somewhat sub-consciously, so the idea here is to bring that out of the fog and help you to start doing it on purpose.

I want to point out the first section up above (labeled “The World Acording to Cross”).

Using these tools effectively, you can fully change the way that a person acts, and not just when they are with you, but 24 hours a day.

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The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom maintains a list of “Kink Aware Professionals” who can help you with counseling, medical, or other services. In the next section, I talk about lots of good reasons to engage in a training program. What is the goal, what are you trying to get out of it.

Examples: The last section is stuff that isn’t objectively valuable to a specific dominant or to a partner in general.

These are the things that the submissive wants to learn or change and has asked for help with.

Any time that you attend a class or read a book, you are hearing just one idea, just one version of reality.

I know people who have been teaching for decades and still attend classes regularly.

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