Book speed dating lesson plan

Much easier than using Audacity for quick recordings!

---- To the kiddos: "Don't want to check out a book today? It's ok if you're already in a committed relationship - I don't want you to cheat on the book you're already reading!

In order to make students aware of these different types of reading styles, I find it useful to provide an awareness raising lesson to help them identify reading skills they already apply when reading in their native tongues.

Thus, when approaching an English text, students first identify what type of reading skill needs to be applied to the specific text at hand.

These different types of skills are used quite naturally when reading in a mother tongue.

Unfortunately, when learning a second or foreign language, people tend to employ only "intensive" style reading skills.

Teaching reading can be an arduous task as it is often difficult to know how to improve student skills.

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Sometimes I read the script live with the Marvin Gaye track going on in the background & and sometimes I play the recording and pantomime the directions in a goofball exaggerated way! LOL) I recorded the script & activity directions on Vocaroo - a fun, free, easy voice recording site that requires no sign-up and gives links, embed code, and a QR Code! You can also download the MP3 to play in your i Tunes!(I deliberately chose books I had several of copies of that I hid on a cart- so that if they were checked out I didn't have to do all the work over again - pop in the next copy!I wrote a fun, silly, cheezy, (you've met me, right?In this way valuable skills, which students already possess, are easily transferred to their English reading.Awareness raising about different reading styles Discussion and identification of reading styles with follow-up identification activity Intermediate - upper intermediate Skimming - Reading rapidly for the main points Scanning - Reading rapidly through a text to find specific information required Extensive - Reading longer texts, often for pleasure and for an overall understanding Intensive - Reading shorter texts for detailed information with an emphasis on precise understanding Note: There is often not a single correct answer, several choices may be possible according to your reading purpose.

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