Austin speed dating meetup

Throughout the years I’ve made a total of 33 groups and organically grew most of them from zero to ten thousand members .At the height of what I was doing socially, I had 83,000 meetup members in my network.My company not only made groups for speed friending but we created other groups as well purely for social reasons and as a way to increase our network size.

I didn’t give it much thought, then 2 months later I received an email from Jun 14th, 2016 – From Headquarters to Matt Winters Subject : Your meetup will close in 7 days ( Meetup Group North Austin Singles 20/30s had over 2,000 meetup members, then and additional group I had 30/40s had 5,500 ) ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is what wrote is response Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply the Trust and Safety team at Meetup.

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First, we use email addresses to identify our members, the same way you can log into the Meetup site with your email address.

Meetup’s Community Guidelines have been updated to better serve our members and ensure that all Meetup groups are community focused.

Dating services are no longer allowed because they are primarily about individual interactions rather than community-building.

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