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When rocks are heated to the melting point, any Ar-40 contained in them is released into the atmosphere.When the rock recrystallizes it becomes impermeable to gasses again.Unless these factors are known, the calculated dates will not be reliable.

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In critical cases it is best to maintain a healthy skepticism until all possible checks of consistency have been made and two or more independent methods have produced the same result. Radioactive dating is usually considered most accurate if the age of the sample is not too much different than the half-life of the isotope used, although in favorable cases the age of the sample could be as much as 100 time less than the half-life or 10 times more.These each have 19 protons and 21 neutrons in their nucleus.If one of these protons is hit by a beta particle, it can be converted into a neutron.Click on the "Show Movie" button below to view this animation.K-Ar Decay Profile Clicking on the "Show Movie" button below will bring up an animation that illustrates how a K-Ar sample is processed and the calculations involved in arriving at a date.

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