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We set up a web-based infrastructure to accommodate this, populated it with all school application materials and tuition rates, fees, policies, etc.This was a major effort and the fact that running smoothly today is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our partner institutions and our internal team of professionals.This puts our programs squarely on the continuum of the Military Life Cycle.

Q: What does the next two years hold for Voluntary Education?Anybody reading this magazine might say, “Of course—we’ve known that for decades.” But it is a milestone moment for the program to know that Defense leadership shares the recognition that education is fundamental to the success of the Armed Forces and plays a critical role in the recruitment and retention of high-performing talent, the preparedness of servicemembers for 21st century warfare, and ensuring successful servicemember transitions to civilian life where they become active and engaged citizens.We believe that the Voluntary Education enterprise will feel the positive impacts of this shift both now and years into the future.Dawn Bilodeau is the Chief, Department of Defense (Do D) Voluntary Education Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Personnel and Readiness, Force Education and Training.In this capacity, she is responsible for oversight and administration of adult, non-traditional, voluntary, continuing, and post-secondary, higher education programs for the Department of Defense worldwide; the quality oversight and review of all military education programs; and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). Bilodeau served as the Deputy Director and Chief of Budget and Finance for Headquarters Army Continuing Education.

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