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And because I could see this side of Ken we actually started to act a relationship. JENNY BROCKIE: So you discovered this incident with this woman? He'd left his Skype switched on, on my computer and as he was having this conversation with this lady I was watching it in front of my eyes on my screen. I've still got the mark and I never felt so humiliated in my life. KEN FERGUSSON: That was the first, really for me personally that was the first time I really noticed that there's something not right.

A committed player who uses on-line dating and social media, who's out to sleep with women and a lot of young men are, they're doing exactly what that man was doing but they're not calling themselves sex addicts.

Jesse Fink says he had sex with hundreds of women after his marriage breakdown.

But he thinks sexual addiction is 'a crock of shit".

Luke says he first started watching porn in primary school and that by the time he was a teenager he was addicted. JENNY BROCKIE: Hi, I'm Jenny Brockie, welcome everyone, good to have you with us tonight. Really, not until I met Jillian two and a half years ago, my partner, she made me aware of certain things.

Ken Fergusson, you live in Australia but you're working in Paris at the moment. JENNY BROCKIE: What sort of things of things were you doing and how often were you having sex to make you think you could be a sex addict?

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