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While Kang and Jo spend every day like a newlywed couple, they now must face the reality of their aging romance.

My Love, Don't Cross That River Feature Film 89-year-old Kang Gye-Yeol and 98-year-old Jo Byeong-Man are married and have lived together for 76 years.

There are many apps out there nowdays that allow people to message from their phones and computers, providing instant access to friends and family located all over the world, for free.

The boom in social media allows many people that live at a distance from loved ones to connect both more easily and more regularly, and the influence of social media appears in the growth of messenger phone applications emerging on the market recently.

Girl Model Trailer Trailer The provocative film is a lyrical exploration of youth, beauty and ambition, seen through the eyes of a conflicted American modeling scout and the 13-year-old girl she discovers.

Related Film: Girl Model The Islands and The Whales Feature Film On the isolated North Atlantic archipelago of the Faroe Islands, the longtime hunting practices of the Faroese are threatened by dangerously high mercury levels in the whales, decimated seabird populations, and anti-whaling activists.

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