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The RIAI has represented the profession in Ireland since 1839, prior to the creation of the Republic of Ireland, when the country was still under the influence of British rules.

Members and supporters of the RIAI claim that their institute has been involved in the training and governing of architects for many years, that it played a very important role in ensuring high standards in the profession.

On the contrary, AAo I has explained in many meetings that the ARAE methodology is unsuitable for practicing architects, with many lectures and examinations organised during office hours and spanning on a period of approximately 10 months.The RIAI claims that the registration system simply recognises that RIAI members have already passed rigorous professional examinations and assessments similar to those required by the new legislation.On this ground, the AAo I stated that its members are ready to pass a similar examination (so called part 3), but are opposed to the actual examinations specially designed for self-taught architects, that they consider discriminative and overly expensive.An employee would not be able to pass the ARAE without the permission of his employer, without opting out of employment for many weeks.A self-employed would have problems to meet the demands of its clients while preparing and passing the ARAE.

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