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We had torn up our share of bed sheets during those two years and had parted somewhat amicably when she told me that she wanted to fuck other guys. "I like you a lot Frank, but I was a virgin when we met and I want to experience some life while I'm still young." Until the moment she laid that on me I was actually considering getting a ring and going to a knee in front of her.

The quickness with which I dropped that idea told me that it probably wouldn't have been all that great an idea in the first place.

Here is Rhonda Vincent to take you for a ride on 'The Bluegrass Express." I love Rhonda Vincent and The Rage, but I reached over and turned the radio off. I'd totally forgotten that the day was the ninth of June. I sat at the table in the room and reviewed the papers I would be going over with the customer the next day and around seven I headed down to the hotel restaurant to get a bite to eat.

The Annie's cell phone rang and after saying hello the conversation went: "I suppose." "I'll have to ask Harry." "Hey! " "He's sitting across from me right now." "Hang on; let me check." She turned to me. They will see your husband leaving you and letting you to go up to a room with a strange man. She reached down and touched the bulge, stroked it and giggled as she said: "It remembers me. The woman looked away embarrassed and the man gave me a knowing grin as we exited the elevator and Annie giggled and said "Oops." We entered my room and Annie used the bathroom while I got my address book and a pen out of my briefcase.

I wanted it so I could enter the addresses and phone numbers if there were a lot of people at Mary Ellen's that I knew.

Harry and Annie drove me back to the hotel and I went to bed.

The next day went well and I called Shari and told her I would be home by eight.

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