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publication.) Sure, there are also buttons you can press to reach these screens (the bottom-left square for your chats, the top-center ghost for your account, and the bottom-right hamburger menu for your stories), but kids these days swipe their Snapchat like it’s Tinder—another app you’re probably too old to be using.Mastering the Camera Snapchat’s camera works a little differently than the default Android or i OS camera app, so it’s worth walking through.That makes even more sense when you think of how the app treats its photos and videos ephemerally.

These filters aren’t obvious, but they’re a great way to give life to your boring adult snaps.

After they choose one option, just send them answers and your friend has to do accordingly. This one is an interesting game as you get to know more about your friend or crush by sending this dare message to them. Answer: 000 Hard Worker 111 Lovely & Caring 222 Silent killer 333 True lover 444 Cheater 555 Sex Addict 666 Heart Breaker 777 Proud And Sweet 888 Lazy In Bed 999 Handsome Just copy your favorite Whats App dare messages from the list send it to an Whats App. Having a knack of exploring and asking questions, she worked as Asst.

Enjoy these Whats App dare games with anyone you love to chat with. And by the way, you can always change the numbers of the questions according to what you need to ask them. Well, if you are not able to find new games or topics to chat with your partner, you can always send him or her a dare message to bring in the fun.

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And while those sugar-filled nights were pretty PG, I think we can find some inspiration there for adults-only fun.

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