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We’re committed to supporting every program in Texas with the expertise and materials they need to keep survivors safe and hold batterers accountable.

Public Policy: The TCFV Public Policy Team strives to serve as a unified voice before the Texas Legislature on behalf of domestic violence victims by supporting the drafting and passage of laws that will assist victims and survivors.

"The roommate told police he heard screaming, shouting and banging inside the couple's room.

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TCFV also serves as the unified voice before the Texas legislature on behalf of family violence survivors and service providers to support laws that assist victims and survivors.

The roommate couldn't find him and came back to the apartment to find the door closed.

A short time later Canchola called 911, according to police.

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department was created by city ordinance on March 15, 1916, with two facilities, Sam Houston Park and Hermann Park.

Today, the Department manages, maintains and stewards 370 developed parks and over 200 greenspaces and esplanades for the City of Houston.

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