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“They literally crack up and laugh all day long, like it’s not just a front for social media.They’re really supersilly, and they love each other, and they have a blast together. She deserves it.” Kardashian pal (and Khloé’s ex) French Montana also gave a glowing endorsement.The whole family is discussing it and is angry, but they are talking to come up with a unified front for how to address it …clearing the air once and for all about her new boyfriend, Israel Houghton.

“[They] just have the same rings from Cartier that they bought separately,” the friend explains to Us.People have to go through it, [it] takes time to get through that sort of thing, and I think no one put that time together.I think people see an announcement was made at the top of the year and then they see these photos and then they think well let's put this together but this is why I'm grateful for things like this because it allows you to set the facts straight and God forbid the facts get in the way of a really juicy story.The new couple prompted criticism over the fact that Houghton had announced his divorce just one month prior to them being seen vacationing together for the first time at the Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa in Tulum."I think I'm more than anything grateful that I have a platform like this, where I can be with my girls.The show is called Bailon continued, "He had actually put out a statement. The other thing people were saying was that I was the cause of the divorce, which I think any divorce is obviously a sad thing.

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