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They affirm that Russian women are wonderfully "nice", submissive, intelligent and sociable, but not looking for a career, not too ambitious, their biggest dream is to clean all day and look after children ... The downside to this intense "marketing" (because any intense kind of campaign usually ends up being "annoying") is the other image that the media portrays of Russian women: women seeking above all to escape the misery of their country, women who end up being prostitutes or who are "gold diggers" looking for millionaire men (aiming for quick divorce and a large divorce settlement ).

Bombarded with clichés and contradictory information, it’s hard to really know what to believe about Russian women: are they the romantic women looking for love or cold calculated women scheming to land a millionaire? Desperate women wishing to escape the misery of their country, or independent women seeking a good husband in a new country?

At 18, the last step was to become a member of the Communist Party and receive a "Communist Party card,” a real certificate entitling the holder to many advantages.

Joining the Communist Party was not mandatory but "advised.” Many people who joined the party did not believe at all in communism.

Then Russia opened to the world, and suddenly with the magic of the Internet, a miracle occurred: the image of the Russian woman in the world changed from an overweight babushka to a cosmopolitan supermodel.

The propaganda game continues, but the aim has become economical, not necessarily political.

As everyone was working it was very difficult to find someone to care for the children.

Even if parents found a babysitter, they did not have the means to pay for childcare. From the age of 2 to 4 years old, the majority of children were cared for at these nurseries.

It is with some emotion that I recall the day I was elected the first pioneer in my class, during an official ceremony, I was very proud.

Within 15 to 20 years the Russians lived through these drastic changes; some peoples’ spirits were crushed and others came out even stronger.

The Russian population was split in two: on one side those who lived under communism and who were accustomed to this system, and on the other those side, those who, younger, hardly lived under this regime and are "children of perestroika."Grandparents of these women experienced the Second World War and its share of atrocities. I remember my grandfather, Nikolai, telling me about terrible military actions, especially during the two years the Germans blockaded Leningrad. Numerous women lost their husbands during the war and raised their children alone, who grew up never knowing their own father.

The image of Russian women in the media from the time of the Cold War to the 1970s was unflattering: not feminine enough, not very beautiful, overweight, difficult, sad etc .. in contrast with the image of the American woman: sexy, slim, beautiful, friendly, maternal.

These portrayals were primarily a matter of political propaganda and in no way reflected any reality.

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